Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Jane's farm

we went to Janes  farm to see the animals. we brushed the horses. we all had a BBQ
I light the fire keep us warm.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Shoot em up

On Wednesday my class went to Panmure super bowl and laser strike. We played ten pin bowling first. I had to wear special shoes. I chose a green ball. It was very heavy, but I made 4 strikes. My friend Max got 3 strikes in a row. It was awesome, Lionel and Richard had a competition between them but max and I were better. After bowling we played arcade games. I rode a motorbike and watched Lionel and Richard play transformers gun game. Table hockey was lots of fun. We then went to laser strike. I wore a vest that clipped on. It had red lights on the front and back of the shoulders. The other team had a blue lights. We tried to shoot the other team and hide from them so they couldn't shoot me. My favorite was bowling. I am very good at it. I had an awesome day. 


On Firday we went to  the mauvice paykel Hollywood Disco. Tdanced wlth tasonl max . celine  and  vkIk Thad chips. drlnk and lollies          

Plaza trip

Today we went to Pakuranga plaza to buy a hop card. We went to the lotto shop and bought it the card for $10. We had a question sheet that we had to find the answers to.  We had to ask the shop keepers questions and take photos of certain shops.